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Bo Roberts:, (424) 901-1349
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"Strain" behind the scenes

"Strain" behind the scenes

Actor, Bo Roberts stars in Vigilante Films, "Strain".

"300: Rise of the Empire"

"300: Rise of the Empire"

Actor, Bo Roberts (L) in Legendary Films, "300: Rise of the Empire".




Height:6 feet



Hair Color:Brown

Hair Length:Short




Eyes Blue  Height: 5 11 

Pants: 31/32  

Shoes: 10

Hair: brown


Coat: 40R 



Be There For Me (Michael) Andrew Burhoe

The Killing of a Japanese Bookie (Valet) Marty Marrero

Stonehouse Lounge (Ken) Larry Giorgio

Denounced Gang Leader Anthony Petito

Wonderland (short - Handsome Guy) Braden Summers

The Morning After (Handsome Man) Marvin Joesph

Twisted Country (Bo) Braden Summers

Strain (Nash) Vigilante Films

Trade Off (Vince) Vigilante Films 


Burn Notice "Past & Future Tense: 4.7 (TVM Productions)

Burn Notice "Neighborhood Watch" 4.5 (TVM Productions)  

Celebrity Apprentice All on the Line w/ Mario Lopez (MTV)


Tupperware (Father) (Usage: Internet)

Total Flex (Exercise Spokesmodel) (Usage: Infomercial)

Oro soft drink (Driver-cool guy) (Usage: Peru Television / Online)


Special Skills
SPECIALIZED TRAINING (Prison Riot Squad Tactics). Former 4-Wheeler Competitor, horse back riding, non-competition. Football, Wrestling, Track, Baseball, Mixed Martial Arts, Basketball, Firearms, Billiards Computer Skills, CPR Certified, basic guitar.


HB Acting Studios//Broadway Dance Center//Indiana University Southeast// Louisville MMA Fight Team// Full Moon Martial Arts// Bronx Hill Boxing// Wolf Pack Jiu Jitsu//Tiger Schulman MMA 


Musical Instruments: Guitar


Accents: Australian


Athletic Skills: Rollerblading, Track & Field, Boxing, Soccer, Martial Arts, Football, Basketball, Swimming, Baseball, Golf


Performance Skills: Martial Arts, Stunts 



Anthony Meindl (LA) 

HB Studio (NYC/NY) Acting advanced technique,

Accent training, character breakdown.


Law enforcement, Jeffersonville/IN,

SWAT- law enforcement CERT-aka, swat team for the jail. Handgun training. Mace and taser training. 


Martial Arts 

Trained in wrestling, Boxing, Muy Thai, Jiu Jitsu. 


Four wheeler, four wheeler competitor 

Competed in four wheeler racing in trail riding (forest racing).



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